How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Generate Leads and Grow Your List

How to optimize your instagram bio to generate more leads and grow your email list

Let’s be honest, as business owners, we spend way more time than we should on Instagram… I’m guilty of scrolling my precious business hours away from time to time. Are you?

To be fair, it does make sense. All of the people with massive businesses that you follow also have big Instagram and Facebook followings… 

So our mind ASSUMES that they MUST spend a lot of time on the platform and that the followers came first and the successful business second… 

But honestly, spending all of your time on Instagram isn’t the smartest business decision unless you can prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that being on Instagram is directly impacting your monthly income. 

Does your monthly revenue increase the more time you spend on Instagram? 

I’m going to guess the answer is “no”. 

But Optimizing Your Instagram Bio and Content Can Support You In Increasing Your List and Eventually – Landing More Sales

The thing that most people forget about social media is that you don’t own the content that you post there and the lifespan of that content is very, very short.

There’s a great infographic here that breaks down content lifespan across various platforms.

On Instagram the average lifespan of a post is 21 hours – that’s if you’re getting engagement. On Facebook? 5 hours before your post is lost amongst the plethora of others trying to gain the attention of their ideal clients… But I think we can all agree that there is something to be said for marketing your online business using these platforms – but how do we make sure that the time we’re spending here is well used and impacting our bottom line? 

Well, first things first – we can ensure that our profiles and bios are optimized to bring our ideal clients OUT of the social media space (which we don’t own or control) and into our business environments – your website or your email list… otherwise known as lead generation.

If you need help with lead generation, check out our post on why your business needs to be generating leads and how to make one..

Why would we want to bring our ideal clients out of our social media communities and onto an email list? So you have more direct access to get to know them, build relationships with them, be of service to their needs, and yes, sell to them. 

Cora-Lynn Hazelwood

Think about it this way — you spend 1 hour creating a well thought out post for social media. You find an image, edit your copy, use hashtags, share it to your story… and just HOPE that the right people see it.

Building an email list guarantees you direct access to your ideal client. Your message goes right into their inbox and if you’re constantly sharing valuable insights – your clients will continue to open an engage with your emails… Yes, the same is true for social media.. people will seek out your posts if you continually provide value – but social media could go away tomorrow – your email list? You own that shit. 

So, how can we make sure that the time we are spending on social media is working for us? Using these platforms as a TOOL to collect our ideal client and bring them into our businesses.

Optimizing your bios and touchpoints for Lead Generation

Otherwise known as lead generation. 

Today, we’ll look at how we can optimize our Instagram bios to drive leads into our businesses which we can later convert into customers. 

When someone lands on your Instagram profile is it clear what you do?

Do you have a clear CTA (call to action) for them to take in your Instagram bio?

These two questions are game-changing. If you land on your Instagram bio and don’t know what you do or where to go – how will your ideal client?

So, let’s convert those views into leads. 

Examples of well Optimized Instagram Bios.

Notice that they all follow a very similar pattern…

Line one: What problem do you solve?

Line Two / Three: What Are the tools you use – the skills you offer. What makes you a credible person to lead them?

Line Four: Call to Action (CTA – memorize this) to do something OFF THE PLATFORM to get them into your ecosystem

Take a look at your own Instagram or Facebook profile. Is it fully optimized to pull people out of the social media ecosystem – and into your business’s ecosystem? If so, great. 

Ps – If you don’t have a lead generating freebie (something of value that captures your ideal client’s attention) check out our free templates here and make one now.

If not, do it now. I’ll wait. 

New Instagram bio all set up? Tag us so we can see!

Now, if you’re thinking – this is great and all but… I don’t have a freebie to give away… You’re in the right place. You can download everything you need to know and do to build your first opt-in right here. Templates included!

Spend some time TODAY setting up a simple – but effective free offer that solves a problem your ideal client is facing and link that bad boy into your Instagram profile… 

A simple landing page will do – and Convertkit is the perfect tool to help you set this up. You can create a free account by clicking here. 

Once your freebie is linked in your Optimized Instagram bio, the only thing left to do is -- TALK ABOUT IT.


At the beginning of your post, at the end of your posts, when you’re on Instagram stories – always direct them back to your Instagram bio.

Remember, you’re offering something OF VALUE, and what do you do when you find something that’s high-value that you love?


If you need more support getting your freebie set up – we got you. 


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