Should You Use Instagram Reels for Your Online Business?

How to use Instagram Reels For Your Online Business

First of all, if you’re brand new to the Goals & Growth community – welcome! This post is focused on helping you determine if getting on Instagram Reels is the right move for your online business. But first, This isn’t just any old business growth community. This community is full of powerful women who are showing up for themselves, their dreams, and their bank accounts every single day. 

We’re all about taking MASSIVE action, using strategy to scale, and getting our mindset in the right place to grow at a crazy rate! 

What you’re about to read is our blog feature called What’s Poppin Wednesday! We created it to give you a pulse on all the latest marketing trends you can use in your business – so you don’t have to! 

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Importantly, when you complete this post, you’re going to learn the Pros and the Cons of Instagram reels so that you can decide if it’s the right strategy for your online business. 

In this blog post we will cover: 

  • What are Instagram reels? 
  • Can Instagram reels give your account a boost?
  • Are Instagram Reels Easy To Create?
  • Why Instagram Reels Are Better Than Stories!
  • The Hashtag Advantage on Instagram Reels vs Story
  • Why 

This week — we’re chatting all about Instagram Reels. Do you need to do them? Are they worth it? Moreover, should you still use Instagram stories?! 

Let’s get into it! 

What are Instagram Reels?! 

Well, if you haven’t been on Instagram lately we’ll quickly fill you in. Instagram Reels is Instagram’s way to compete with Tiktok! These quick 30 to 60-second video clips that are short, sweet, and highly shareable. They rolled them out about a month ago and they’re currently finding the best way to integrate them into the platform. 

Want to see one? Go to the Instagram explore tab and the first video at the top is likely an Instagram Reel! 

Three Benefits To Using Reels In Your Business 

Firstly, we’ll answer the question “but are Instagram Reels worth focusing on?” Let’s break it down.

  1. Pro: Early Adoption Boost – Just like we saw Instagram do with Stories, Instagram TV, and Live video, they’re trying to increase the number of people using Reels – so they’re favoring Reels content on the platform. What does this mean for you and your business? If you’ve been on the social media hamster wheel for a while with little to no traction – jumping on Reels is an incredible way to boost eyes on your content, gain new followers and potentially boost your business in the process. 
  2. Pro: They’re easy to create. One of our good friends always says “You can do anything for 1 minute!” and she’s right! Compared to traditional video marketing which can take a considerable amount of your time to produce – Reels are quick, supposed to be messy and if you know how to use Instagram – you can figure it out pretty quickly. 
  3. Pro: They’re Permanent – Have you spent a solid 30 minutes making the perfect Instagram story… or watched an incredible Instagram story from one of our favorite accounts and then realize you can never see that content again? Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels are permanent on your profile meaning they don’t disappear after 24 hours and they’re always present to provide epic value to your potential clients. No more 30 minutes of effort for 24 hours of mediocre exposure. 

Okay – We’ve determined that are some pros to using Instagram Reels – but should they replace your Instagram Story content… It’s hard to say at this point but you should 100% be switching gears to focus more on Instagram Reel content if you know that Instagram is the platform you want to make a splash in! 

Two Ways That Reels Out-Performs Instagram Stories 

While your Instagram Story content is important for your profile, it’s critical to realize that the content you put there has a super short shelf life and they’re not the highest impact way to GROW your Instagram account – not when compared to Reels. Why? 

  1. Hashtags. The internet is always going to debate whether hashtags are still relevant but when it comes to Instagram there’s no doubt that relevant hashtags make an impact on your growth and engagement. Here’s how Reels wins the # game. On Stories, you’re allowed to tag a maximum of 10 hashtags per post (and most people don’t add any). On Instagram Reels, however — you can add up to 30 hashtags, just like your standard post that you might add in your feed. These hashtags get your content in front of more eyeballs and can increase your chances of being discovered. 
  2. Copy Length.  Don’t get confused – Instagram Reels is video content but what most people don’t know is that you can add up to 2000 words in your caption. Most blog posts have 500 to 1500 words per post… With 2000 words and a permanent place on your profile – Instagram Reels not only expands your reach but provides a starting point to share some incredible value with your audience once you’ve gotten their attention. On Instagram stories you’re limited to the number of characters you can fit on one window and again it’s gone in 24 hours. Bummer. 

How do I start Posting on Instagram Reels?

Okay, so now you know that Instagram Reels is important but what do I post? First, I want you to take a moment and make sure that your Instagram bio is optimized for lead generation! We don’t want you to blow up and not be optimized for success – click here to read that post. Here are a few quick tips to get you going: 

  1. Get Messy – Take messy action. Tell your perfectionist side to take a hike for a few minutes and just start creating. 
  2. Embrace the discomfort – It feels weird to learn something new. We worry about what people will think if we’re doing it right and we feel super uncomfortable fumbling our way through a new process… but discomfort is the KEY to business growth. The more you can learn to love it – the faster your business will grow. 
  3. Think about your ideal client. What inspires her? How can you make her laugh? What does she need to see, hear, feel, and know to be heard and understood? You know your ideal client unlike anyone (or at least you should) so trust yourself to start creating content for her knowing that SHE NEEDS TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. 

We love this video from Later on how to use Instagram reels if you need a quick how to video!

Prompts & Ideas To Get You Started 

We’ve got you. As I said, we’re your business growth besties here to help you save time and increase your $$ and impact. Check out these awesome prompts to get you started. 

  • The number one thing you wish people knew about (niche)
  • A low moment in my life (client problem) and how I overcame it (2-3 steps)
  • My Morning Routine
  • 5 Things I wear all the time (video switch to different outfits)
  • Makeup steps or ____ steps to do (insert niche result)
  • My 5 favorite books, Authors, Podcasts, 

Need support strategically using social media to reach your target market, increase leads in your online business and land sales. 

You’re going to want to get into the Social Growth Vault! Templates, video prompts, story ideas, captions, and more updated every single month! Check it out here. 


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How to use Instagram Reels For Your Online Business

Should You Use Instagram Reels for Your Online Business?

Well, if you haven’t been on Instagram lately we’ll quickly fill you in. Instagram Reels is Instagram’s way to compete with Tiktok! These quick 30 to 60-second video clips that are short, sweet, and highly shareable. They rolled them out about a month ago and they’re currently finding the best way to integrate them into the platform.