Writing Call to Actions that Convert!

First, let me start off by saying that if you have anything that you’re trying to get your audience to do – you will find this video on creating call to actions crazy helpful! What types of action are we talking about? Downloading an opt-in, purchasing a product, or even sharing a testimonial.

In this post, we’re going to break down the 3-step system we use to create highly action oriented call to actions for all of your content.

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It’s 1:16 PM on September 29th, 2020 and I’m sitting cozily in bed writing this for you. The dishwasher is humming in the background and I’ve got 1 hour to write this before I have to get back into creating logos for a new client.

Why Even Worry About Your Call to Action?

Well, first of all, if you spend a decent amount of time creating an opt-in or a product for your ideal client and then just attach any old CTA when you share it — you’re doing yourself a disservice.

You see, your CTA is literally the copy, or words (if on video) spoken, that your audience is going to read before deciding IF they want what you’re selling. This is by far one of the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS of marketing and if you can write strong call to actions — you will be one step closer to reaching your business goals.

So, why worry about our CTA? It’s the FIRST THING your client sees/ reads and it needs to not just hit them in the feels, but stop them dead in their tracks and get them to take action.

Examples of Not so Hot Call to Actions

First, I want you to know that if you’ve shared CTA’s that look like below – that’s okay! We all start somewhere and we’re all here to grow together. The important part is that you’re learning a new way of doing things now!

Second, writing good CTA’s takes time and is an ART but the more clarity you have from the beginning on your ideal client and their core desired feelings the better. Okay, let’s look at some not so hot CTA’s.

“Who wants to learn about Human Design?”

“Does anyone want access to my free course on self love?”

“Drop your email below for my free planner.”

I want you to pause for a moment and imagine yourself in a room with 1000 people. If someone was to get on stage and say “who wants to learn about human design” would you raise your hand? Do you think many people would raise their hands? Likely not.

The Number One Thing to Avoid When Writing Call to Actions!

Before we jump into how to write better call to actions, I want to make sure we’re clear on WHY the above call to actions are not so hot for your business and it really comes down to one really, really important point.

As business owners, we all have a zone of genius that were powerful in and a specific type of person that we’re best helping. This zone of genius is usually something that we’ve overcome in the past and the person we’re best helping is usually an old version of ourselves OR a specific niche of people we’ve worked with for a long period of time.

With that being said, the number one thing we need to AVOID when writing powerful call to actions is being very broad or vague about who our product or service helps.

Why is this so bad? You want to help everyone right?

I feel ya, but when we talk to EVERYONE, we usually end up talking to no one. Our content is so general and broad that it doesn’t grab the attention of anyone, and your time spent is wasted.

Furthermore – if we usually share content about parenting and put out an opt-in for “all busy women” — 50 people join our mailing list (just as an example) and then your emails are all about parenting… your message again is going to fall on deaf ears. You’ll have a high unsubscribe rate and LOW purchase rate from email marketing. NOT IDEAL. 

The number one most important thing your CTA must do – is make it CRYSTAL CLEAR who your offer is for.

Three things a good CTA does for your business…

  1. Weed out the people you can’t help or are not in your niche…
  2. Make it crystal clear the results that you get…
  3. Move your ideal client to take action…

The Three Step Formula for Powerful CTA’s

This three-step formula is a formula we’ve been using for the last 2 years and when executed right, can dramatically increase your click-through and conversion rates on your content. The average cold traffic click-through rate is anywhere from 1% to 6% and with this formula, we routinely see conversion rates from 20-45%.

You now know some examples of CTA’s that simply don’t move people. They’re often way too broad, very vague, and they don’t really inspire me to take action. So how do we change that? We get specific.

I know, I know. That doesn’t sound exciting but the key to creating a list of people ready to buy, and an audience of raving fans is speaking to a specific group of people and consistently serving them and their needs.

Take a look at these revamped examples and see if you can spot the difference…

“Tired of looking in the mirror and feeling defeated or low as a curvy woman? Comment below if you want to learn how I used a little thing called Human Design to regain my confidence without losing weight”.

“As a professional woman, the negative thoughts I was having about myself were crippling in every aspect of my life. After two years of trying everything under the sun to love who I was, I finally found something that worked. I created a short mini-course to help those who have tried everything and are close to giving up. Comment below and I’ll send you access right away.”

Can you see any patterns?

Let me point them out to you.

  1. Identifiers. Used to help the reader determine if the content is for them or not. In the two options above the identifiers are “curvy woman” and “professional women”.
  2. Problem / Possibility. There are two things that move people – pain and possibility. In the two examples above we used our ideal clients’ pain points contrasted with the possibility of a different future to show them that again — this is right for them!
  3. Clear action requested. -TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. It’s that simple. “Click the post to join”, “Comment your email below for access.”

Where Should You Be Using Action-Oriented Call to Actions?

The short version is everywhere all the time. Call to actions are SO IMPORTANT. With 100’s of thousands of articles, social media posts, and more, we have to always be guiding our audiences to the next action we want them to take.

The long answer is you should be always be including call to actions:

  • In blog posts
  • Throughout and at the end your email
  • At the beginning and end of your Instagram / Facebook posts
  • In your Instagram stories
  • Use them in the beginning, middle, and end of your podcast episodes
  • Use them DURING and AFTER client calls
  • Include call to actions in your courses, freebies, and downloads

When we have CLEAR calls to actions, it leaves our customer feeling held and supported every step of the way. This is critical for creating a seamless and intuitive user experience and for making sure that we’re never leaving an opportunity for a new client, or repeat client hanging.

If your client is seeing it, it needs a CLEAR call to action.

With that being said, I hope you found this extremely helpful if you’ve been struggling to land clients, grow your list, or get people to actually DO what you want them to do. A power CTA goes a long way!

If you don’t have an opt-in for your business that you’re proud of and excited about – I highly recommend you check out our Opt-in Creation Bundle by clicking here.

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